What to Do in Port Miami?

What to Do in Port Miami?

Port Miami, known as the «Gateway of the Americas,» is much more than the world’s largest cruise port. This maritime terminal is also a hub of activity and entertainment for visitors and tourists looking to explore the best of Miami.


Located in a prime position, Port Miami offers cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, and gastronomic opportunities that promise a memorable stay.


Let’s discover the activities and places near Port Miami for those looking to explore what the city has to offer beyond cruises.


Miami’s Historic District


Miami’s Historic District, located within walking distance of Port Miami, is a place that transports you to the city’s past and allows you to explore its rich cultural heritage.


One of its highlights is the Freedom Tower, a building that once housed The Miami News newspaper and later became a processing center for Cuban refugees during the Cuban Revolution.


Today, the Freedom Tower houses the Cuban Diaspora Museum, where visitors can learn about the history and influence of the Cuban-American community in Miami.


Additionally, the Miami History Museum is a must-visit for those interested in learning more about the city’s evolution over the years. Here, visitors can explore a wide range of exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of the city, from its humble beginnings as a small settlement to its transformation into a major cultural and economic center.


Everglades National Park


Everglades National Park, close to Port Miami, offers an exciting adventure in Florida’s wilderness.


You can hop on an airboat to explore the park’s swamps and mangroves up close and see crocodiles, manatees, and exotic birds. You can also explore the park’s diverse flora and fauna through its natural trails, ideal for short or long hikes.


You can also enjoy bird watching in the Everglades, home to more than 350 species, from eagles to flamingos. Additionally, at the visitor centers, you can immerse yourself in the region’s history and culture through educational exhibits and programs on environmental conservation.


Shopping and Entertainment at Bayside Marketplace


Bayside Marketplace, located near Port Miami, combines shopping, entertainment, and dining in one place.


Here, you’ll find a wide variety of shops offering everything from local souvenirs and crafts to internationally recognized brands. Additionally, the marketplace has a great selection of restaurants, bars, and cafes where you can enjoy delicious meals with stunning views of the port and bay.


If you’re looking for entertainment, Bayside Marketplace won’t disappoint. Throughout the year, live events are held, from concerts and music shows to street performances and cultural festivals.


For those looking to explore beyond the marketplace, Bayside also offers a wide range of water activities and excursions. You can embark on an exciting boat ride through the bay, take a kayak tour, or even rent a bike to explore the surrounding area.


Bayfront Park


Bayfront Park, steps away from Port Miami, is a peaceful haven amidst the urban hustle and bustle of Miami. With its prime location by Biscayne Bay, the park offers breathtaking panoramic views that invite you to relax and enjoy the urban and maritime landscape.


Its extensive green areas and winding trails provide a serene space for a leisurely stroll, a picnic, or simply sitting and admiring the natural surroundings and vibrant city activity.


In addition to its natural beauty, Bayfront Park offers a variety of amenities for visitors, including children’s playgrounds, interactive fountains, and a diverse selection of dining options ranging from food stalls to waterfront restaurants.


Furthermore, the park serves as a starting point for a variety of water activities, such as boat rides and kayak rentals, allowing visitors to further explore the nearby waters.


Looking for accommodation near Port Miami?


Smart Brickell Hotel is the ultimate accommodation choice for those visiting Port Miami. Located within walking distance of the port, this hotel offers convenience in terms of location, as well as a modern and welcoming environment to rest and recharge.


Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extended vacation in Miami, we invite you to choose Smart Brickell Hotel as your home away from home.

Discover the Benefits of Smart Brickell Hotel

Discover the Benefits of Smart Brickell Hotel

Smart Brickell Hotel is the ideal lodging choice for those seeking sophistication and comfort in Miami’s Brickell district. This elegant hotel not only provides top-tier services but also places you near the city’s major attractions. Let’s explore the exceptional benefits of choosing Smart Brickell Hotel for your next getaway to Miami.


Experience Luxury and Comfort


Smart Brickell Hotel redefines luxury and comfort with its cutting-edge design and meticulous focus on guest well-being. From the moment of arrival, you’re enveloped in an atmosphere of contemporary elegance and sophistication. 


Every detail in the high-end rooms and suites has been carefully chosen to ensure a peaceful and stylish environment. The service at Smart Brickell Hotel is exceptional and personalized. With a team dedicated to providing meticulous attention—from concierges to 24-hour room service—every aspect of your stay is designed to exceed guest expectations, ensuring that each visit is memorable and unique in Miami.


Moreover, Smart Brickell Hotel offers exclusive amenities designed for maximum enjoyment. Guests can immerse themselves in the tranquility of the rooftop pool with panoramic views or rejuvenate in the full-service spa, which offers a variety of personalized treatments. For those wishing to maintain their workout routine, the hotel’s gym is equipped with the latest fitness technology.


Connection with the Art and Culture District


Smart Brickell Hotel gives its guests the opportunity to dive into Miami’s art and cultural scene with ease, thanks to its proximity to major art centers. 


Just minutes from the hotel, the Wynwood district, world-renowned for its stunning graffiti murals and contemporary art galleries, provides a peerless visual experience. Guests can spend the day exploring Wynwood Walls, where street art comes to life in vibrant colors and bold expressions, offering a fresh and exciting perspective on urban art.


Additionally, the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is also nearby. This museum stands as a landmark in Miami’s cultural scene, noted for its modern architecture and exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. This proximity allows guests of Smart Brickell Hotel to have direct and easy access to the city’s cultural offerings.


Access to Beaches and Water Recreation


Smart Brickell Hotel’s privileged location enables visitors to make the most of Miami’s famous beaches and water activities. 


Just minutes from iconic South Beach, guests can easily escape for a day of sun, sea, and sand. South Beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming in crystal-clear waters, as well as engaging in water sports such as jet skiing, kite surfing, and paddleboarding.


For those seeking a quieter and more family-friendly beach experience, Key Biscayne is a short drive away. This spot offers more serene and natural beaches, ideal for a picnic day, nature walks, and snorkeling near coral reefs to observe marine life. 


These water recreation options ensure that guests of Smart Brickell Hotel can fully enjoy the beach lifestyle for which Miami is famous.


Dining and Entertainment in Brickell


Smart Brickell Hotel is surrounded by some of the best dining and entertainment options that Miami has to offer. Just steps from the hotel, guests can visit Brickell City Centre, which hosts a variety of high-end dining options. 


Restaurants like Komodo, famous for its blend of Asian and local flavors, and Quinto La Huella, known for its exceptional Uruguayan barbecue and cozy atmosphere, are just a few highlights.


In addition, the Brickell area also boasts small bistros, cafés, and numerous bars and clubs that offer everything from live music to international DJs.


Smart Brickell Hotel, Your Destination in Miami


With its strategic location, access to major cultural attractions and beaches, and an unparalleled array of dining and entertainment options around, Smart Brickell Hotel promises a stay that combines luxury, comfort, and adventure.


We invite you to book your stay at Smart Brickell Hotel and discover for yourself why so many travelers choose this hotel as their base to explore Miami.


Visit the best places in Brickell

Visit the best places in Brickell

Make a tour of the best places in Brickell, which guarantee their visitors memorable experiences and unparalleled views.


Brickell It is the starting point for thousands of tourists in search of a safe district, with a varied offer in the hotel sector, and a prime location when it comes to exploring and visiting the iconic places in Miami.


Beyond its connectivity with tourist spots outside the district, Brickell has several interesting places for those who prefer proximity.


Brickell Viewpoint, a panoramic view that makes you fall in love


The Brickell Viewpoint offers one of the most spectacular views of the city. This tourist hotspot is a must-see destination for any visitor looking to capture the essence of Miami from an elevated perspective.


The viewpoint allows visitors to enjoy an unparalleled urban panorama, where the contrast between modern skyscrapers and the intense blue of Biscayne Bay creates an impressive visual spectacle.


In addition to being a perfect place for photography, the Brickell Viewpoint is an ideal space to watch the sunset, when the skies of Miami are tinted with shades of gold and pink.


Visitors can also take advantage of the Mirador’s proximity to numerous cafes and restaurants, where they can sample local cuisine while continuing to enjoy the views.


Brickell Key Park, tranquility in the city center


Brickell Key Park is one of the best places in Brickell for those looking for a haven of peace in the middle of the financial district.


Located on the small island of Brickell Key, this park offers a perfect escape for those looking for a moment of tranquility and natural beauty, just steps from high-rise office buildings and luxurious residences.


With well-maintained trails and lush green areas, it is the ideal place for a morning walk, an evening picnic, or just to sit and watch the water surrounding the island.


The view from Brickell Key Park The Miami skyline is truly spectacular, providing a stunning contrast between nature and modern architecture.


Visitors can enjoy benches along the path that invite you to stop and relax while watching the boats passing through Biscayne Bay.


Furthermore, the park is a popular place among runners and cyclists, thanks to its routes that offer an active experience in a quiet and safe environment.


Miami Circle, a trip back in time


The Miami Circle is one of the best places in Brickell for those looking for an activity that takes them back to ancient times.


Located along the mouth of the Miami River, this place is an archaeological site of great importance that offers a window to the prehistoric past of the region


This perfect circle of carved limestone, discovered in the middle of the development, is a silent testament to the indigenous cultures that once inhabited this area.


Through its exhibits and educational tours, visitors can explore the history and meaning of this enigmatic monument.


The Miami Circle is believed to have been used as a ceremonial structure or meeting place by the Tequesta, one of Florida’s first native tribes.


In addition to its historical value, Miami Circle is a point of interest for academics and the curious alike, offering a cultural and educational counterpoint to the most modern and commercial activities in the surroundings.


Its preservation as a historic park allows all visitors, both local and international, to appreciate and reflect on the importance of keeping the stories of the past alive in the midst of urban evolution.


Simpson Park: a green space between skyscrapers


Simpson Park offers visitors a green haven in Brickell, standing out as an ideal space for relaxation and contact with nature.


Enriched with a variety of native flora and winding paths, this park is a favorite spot for those who want to escape the fast pace of urban life without leaving the city center.


Its green areas are meticulously maintained, providing a perfect environment for family picnics, outdoor reading or simply enjoying a moment of peace.

Additionally, Simpson Park acts as a sanctuary for birds and small animals in urban areas, making it a point of interest for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.


Smart Brickell Hotel, your gateway to the best places in Brickell


After exploring the best places in Brickell, Smart Brickell Hotel It is the perfect choice for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the district.


The hotel provides privileged access to all major attractions, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable stay. Not only will you be in the center of it all, but you’ll experience Brickell with the style and sophistication that only this hotel can offer.


Reserve at Smart Brickell Hotel means more than finding a place to sleep; it is choosing a temporary home from where you can experience the best of Miami with ease and style.


Smart Brickell Hotel: The Ideal Rest for Cruise Tourists

Smart Brickell Hotel: The Ideal Rest for Cruise Tourists

In Miami, the international cruise capital, Smart Brickell Hotel stands out as an ideal choice for both resting and establishing a base to explore the city.


Let’s see why this hotel is the best accommodation choice for cruise tourists seeking a complete experience in the city before boarding or after disembarking.


Perfect Location


Smart Brickell is conveniently located for cruise tourists exploring Miami. Situated in Miami’s financial district, Brickell, this hotel offers immediate access to some of the city’s best attractions, and is well-connected with the main cruise ports, serving as a bridge between relaxation and maritime adventure.


Just minutes by car, tourists can easily reach from the hotel to Port Miami or Port Fort Lauderdale, two of the world’s most active cruise ports.


This proximity is ideal for those with tight cruise schedules, allowing them to maximize every moment of their trip without the worry of long transfers.


Experiencing Miami’s Culture


The location of Smart Brickell Hotel allows tourists, before setting sail or upon returning from their trip, to soak in the local culture.


Within walking distance, you’ll find iconic attractions like the Perez Art Museum, the Frost Science Museum, and Wynwood Walls, an open-air museum known for its stunning street art murals.


Also, the proximity to the famous Calle Ocho in Little Havana allows visitors to experience the heart of Cuban culture in Miami.


Gastronomic and Shopping Circuits


For those interested in shopping and gastronomy, the Brickell area offers endless options.


Brickell City Centre and Mary Brickell Village are just two examples where guests of Smart Brickell Hotel can enjoy luxury shopping, gourmet restaurants, and top-notch entertainment.


Personalized Experience


Service customization is fundamental at Smart Brickell Hotel, ensuring that each guest enjoys a unique and tailored experience, especially cruise tourists who require specialized attention due to their schedules and specific needs.


Recognizing the often tight schedules of cruise travels, Smart Brickell Hotel offers the option, for an additional fee, to flexibilize both check-in and check-out. This is ideal for guests who arrive early in the morning or need a place to rest after disembarking before continuing their journey.


The hotel’s concierge service is another player in customizing the experience. The concierges are well-informed about local activities and events and are available to help guests plan daily itineraries that maximize their time in Miami.


From information on exclusive restaurants to referrals for excursions or cultural events, the concierge team ensures that each guest has an authentically local and enriching experience.


Luxury Amenities


Smart Brickell Hotel redefines the lodging experience for cruise tourists with a focus on exceptional luxury and comfort.


The hotel’s rooms and suites are equipped with the latest in smart design and comfort. From premium beds to air conditioning systems and soundproof windows, each element is designed to ensure guests’ optimal rest. The modern and elegant decor complements the experience, creating a tranquil and sophisticated ambiance.


At Smart Brickell Hotel, no effort is spared in offering exclusive services to its guests. The rooftop infinity pool offers panoramic views of the coastline and the city of Miami, creating the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the sunset.


The hotel’s spa provides a sanctuary where guests can choose from a variety of rejuvenating treatments, from massages to facial therapies, all designed to revitalize the body and mind after a long day of exploration or before embarking on their next cruise.


Moreover, for fitness enthusiasts, the hotel’s gym is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and offers classes led by professional instructors, ensuring that guests can maintain their exercise routines even while away from home.



Combine Your Cruise with Smart Brickell Hotel


With a strategic location, luxury amenities, and an unmatched focus on personalized service, Smart Brickell Hotel establishes itself as the perfect setting for cruise tourists who wish to explore the city or simply relax before continuing their journey by sea.


We invite all cruise travelers looking for an exceptional experience in Miami to book their stay at Smart Brickell Hotel, where style and top-tier hospitality await.

The Best Cruises in Miami

The Best Cruises in Miami

In this review, we explore some of the best cruises in Miami. Each cruise line is distinguished by its offerings, target audience, services, routes, and design. However, all aim to transform the vacations of thousands of tourists into unforgettable experiences.


Carnival Conquest: Fun for Everyone


Carnival Conquest from Carnival Cruise Line is the ideal choice for travelers looking for family-friendly cruises in Miami.


This cruise is packed with activities for all ages, from exciting water slides at the WaterWorks aqua park to Broadway-style shows at the Toulouse-Lautrec Theater.


Families particularly appreciate the Camp Carnival program, which offers supervised activities for children, and dedicated spaces for teenagers like Club O2 and Circle “C”.


Regarding dining, Carnival Conquest boasts a variety of restaurant and bar options, allowing guests to enjoy everything from fine dining to casual meals.


In addition, multiple pools and spacious sun decks ensure relaxation is always within reach.


Holland America Line: Exotic Destinations and Elegance


Holland America Line provides its passengers with a touch of classic sophistication and itineraries that explore exotic and less-traveled destinations.


Onboard, guests can enjoy elegantly appointed and well-equipped spaces that reflect a luxurious ambiance.


Dining options on Holland America range from classic continental cuisine to dishes inspired by the destinations visited. Chefs onboard use fresh and local ingredients to create innovative and delicious menus.


Moreover, Holland America offers destination lectures, cooking classes, and art workshops, ensuring that days at sea are as captivating as the shore excursions.


Regent Seven Seas Cruises: The All-Inclusive Experience


Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers a worry-free, high-end experience from the moment passengers board with its all-inclusive policy.


Guests of Regent enjoy spacious suites with panoramic ocean views, complete with premium services like butler attention, daily stocked minibars, and luxurious bedding, ensuring comfort and style.


The onboard dining is exceptional, with multiple restaurants serving everything from international gourmet cuisine to specialized dishes that reflect the visited destinations.


Furthermore, Regent Seven Seas includes a wide range of shore excursions at each port of call, allowing passengers to explore the culture, history, and nature of each destination at no additional cost.


Oceania Cruises: Gastronomy and Cultural Routes


Oceania Cruises stands out from other cruises in Miami with its focus on gastronomy and routes that delve deep into the culture of each visited destination. This cruise is ideal for those seeking a more educational travel experience.


Onboard Oceania, passengers have the opportunity to indulge in culinary experiences inspired by chef Jacques Pépin. Guests can also participate in cooking classes and gastronomic demonstrations, allowing them to take home the culinary culture enjoyed on the trip.


As for the routes, Oceania Cruises selects itineraries that allow passengers to immerse themselves in the traditions and history of each place. From tours of historic cities to visits to natural sites, the excursions are designed to provide a deeper and more meaningful understanding of each destination.


Looking for Accommodation After Cruises in Miami?


Returning from your high-sea adventure, Smart Brickell Hotel is the ideal lodging to continue the experience after disembarking from your cruise.


With its proximity to Port Miami, modern and comfortable rooms, a rooftop pool, and spa service, Smart Brickell Hotel ensures that each guest’s stay is as exciting and relaxing as their cruise journey.


Book your stay at Smart Brickell Hotel, whether to extend the magic of your vacation or recharge before continuing your journey.


5 Centros nocturnos para divertirse en Brickell

Brickell, con su mezcla de modernidad y tradición, se ha consolidado como un destino imprescindible para los aficionados a la noche en Miami. 


Este distrito, famoso por su impresionante skyline y su ambiente cosmopolita, ofrece una amplia gama de opciones para quienes buscan entretenimiento nocturno, desde elegantes terrazas con vistas panorámicas hasta clubes con música en vivo abiertos hasta altas horas de la madrugada. 


La vida nocturna en Brickell brinda experiencias únicas y auténticas, con una oferta que captura la esencia de una noche inolvidable en Miami.



Sugar, situado en lo alto de uno de los rascacielos más emblemáticos de Brickell, redefine la experiencia de un bar en la azotea con su atmósfera única y vistas impresionantes que abarcan toda la ciudad. 


Este exclusivo refugio es conocido por su decoración que evoca un jardín asiático, e invita a los visitantes a sumergirse en un entorno que fusiona el diseño moderno con la naturaleza.


La carta de cócteles de Sugar incluye bebidas artesanales que utilizan ingredientes frescos y exóticos que crean combinaciones sorprendentes y deliciosas. 


Además de sus bebidas innovadoras, Sugar también ofrece platos de inspiración asiática, perfectos para compartir y complementar la experiencia de sabores.


Better Days

Este espacio parece una cápsula del tiempo y transporta a sus visitantes a una era pasada con su decoración que incluye piezas vintage, iluminación tenue y mobiliario que evoca los bares clásicos de antaño. 


La carta de bebidas en Better Days es un homenaje a los clásicos, ofreciendo cócteles tradicionales con un toque de originalidad. Desde versiones renovadas de tragos conocidos hasta creaciones propias que se han convertido en favoritas locales, cada opción está diseñada para satisfacer a aquellos en busca de nuevas experiencias gustativas. 


Better Days se enorgullece de su ambiente acogedor y su enfoque en la calidad, siendo el lugar perfecto para aquellos que buscan escapar del ajetreo de la ciudad.


Blackbird Ordinary

Blackbird Ordinary se destaca en la escena nocturna de Brickell por su mezcla de música en vivo y su innovador menú de bebidas. 


Este bar captura la esencia de Miami y se convirtió en un punto de encuentro para aquellos que buscan disfrutar de la noche con buena música y coctelería de vanguardia. 


La música, que varía desde sets de DJs hasta actuaciones en vivo de bandas locales, garantiza una banda sonora diversa que satisface todos los gustos musicales.


Uno de los atractivos más notables de Blackbird Ordinary es su patio al aire libre, que permite a los visitantes disfrutar de la brisa de Miami bajo las estrellas. Este espacio crea un ambiente relajado y acogedor, ideal para disfrutar de la noche al aire libre.


Blue Martini

Este lounge y bar de martinis es célebre por su atmósfera refinada, donde el glamour se combina con el entretenimiento para crear un ambiente exclusivo.


La carta de Blue Martini es un verdadero tributo a este cóctel, presentando una variedad impresionante de martinis que van desde las recetas clásicas hasta innovadoras creaciones propias.


La música en vivo es otro de los pilares de Blue Martini, con actuaciones que abarcan diversos géneros musicales y crean una banda sonora para la noche.


Copper 29 Bar


Este bar, cuyo nombre rinde homenaje al elemento cobre representado por el número atómico 29, destaca por su interiorismo elegante que combina elementos industriales con toques cálidos y acogedores, creando un espacio donde el estilo vintage se encuentra con la modernidad.


La esencia de Copper 29 radica en su menú de bebidas, una selección de cócteles artesanales elaborados con ingredientes frescos, licores premium y una dosis generosa de creatividad. 


Los mixólogos de Copper 29 se enorgullecen de su habilidad para transformar clásicos atemporales en innovaciones contemporáneas, ofreciendo a los visitantes una experiencia única. 


Smart Brickell Hotel, el alojamiento ideal en Brickell


La vida nocturna del Distrito Brickell ofrece una variedad de experiencias nocturnas que capturan la esencia de Miami. Cada uno de sus centros nocturnos, invita a los visitantes a sumergirse en experiencias que van más allá de lo convencional, prometiendo noches llenas de descubrimientos y placer.


Sumérgete en el dinamismo y la elegancia de Brickell reservando tu estancia en Smart Brickell Hotel. Convierte cada noche en una aventura y cada día en un descubrimiento, todo desde la comodidad y el lujo de tu alojamiento. 


Asegura tu habitación y vive la experiencia definitiva de Miami. 

¡No esperes más para hacer de Smart Brickell Hotel tu base para explorar la ciudad!

Brickell City Centre- un lugar, múltiples experiencias

Brickell City Centre: un lugar, múltiples experiencias

Brickell City Centre se ha convertido en sinónimo de modernidad dentro de Miami, modificando el paisaje urbano y estableciendo el lujo como estandarte para el distrito en general.


Este complejo multifacético ha transformado la experiencia de compras y entretenimiento en la ciudad, y se convirtió en un punto de encuentro para quienes buscan una oferta variada de actividades. 


Brickell City Centre no es simplemente un destino, sino un viaje a través de lo mejor que Miami tiene para ofrecer.


Orígenes e inspiración

La génesis de Brickell City Centre refleja una ambición visionaria, concebida para transformar la noción tradicional de espacios de compras y ocio en Miami. 


Este proyecto nació de la idea de crear un epicentro urbano que combinase lujo, cultura y sostenibilidad, estableciendo un nuevo estándar para los complejos multifuncionales en áreas metropolitanas. 


La filosofía que impregnó cada fase del desarrollo se centró en la armonía entre la innovación arquitectónica y la funcionalidad, buscando crear un espacio que resonara con el estilo de vida de Miami y sus residentes.


Arquitectura innovadora y sostenible

La arquitectura de Brickell City Centre es un reflejo de la innovación y el compromiso con la sostenibilidad, elementos definen la esencia de este complejo. 


Su diseño vanguardista se caracteriza por líneas limpias y espacios abiertos con luz natural. Además tiene una característica única, el Climate Ribbon. Esta estructura proporciona sombra y captura la brisa del mar para regular la temperatura de manera natural.


Este enfoque en la sostenibilidad se extiende a través de todo el desarrollo, desde sistemas de recolección de agua de lluvia hasta el uso de materiales eco-amigables, asegurando que Brickell City Centre no solo sea un destino de lujo, sino también un modelo de construcción verde.


Ubicación privilegiada

Brickell City Centre se beneficia de una posición geográfica envidiable, atractiva tanto para residentes como para turistas. 


Esta ubicación central facilita el acceso a la amplia gama de servicios y experiencias que ofrece el propio complejo, y también sirve como un punto de conexión con las zonas más visitadas de Miami.


Al situarse en este núcleo urbano, el centro se convierte en un eje desde el cual se pueden explorar con facilidad otros destinos de la ciudad. 


Además, la proximidad a importantes vías de transporte y la integración con sistemas de movilidad urbana hacen que desplazarse desde y hacia Brickell City Centre sea una experiencia fluida y conveniente. 


Experiencias para todos los visitantes


Brickell City Centre abarca un espectro amplio de experiencias, diseñadas para satisfacer los gustos y preferencias de un público variado. 


Los visitantes se encuentran con una selección curada de boutiques y marcas internacionales, donde tendrán la oportunidad de descubrir las últimas tendencias.


Más allá de las compras, el centro cuenta con una oferta gastronómica que abarca desde la alta cocina hasta propuestas innovadoras de negocios culinarios emergentes. 


Además, el complejo alberga eventos y actividades, desde exhibiciones de arte hasta presentaciones musicales en vivo, asegurando que la visita a Brickell City Centre sea una experiencia enriquecedora en todo sentido.


Brickell City Centre y Smart Brickell Hotel: La combinación perfecta


La relación entre Brickell City Centre y Smart Brickell Hotel crea una experiencia de viaje perfecta para quienes visitan Miami. 


Al hospedarse en Smart Brickell Hotel, los visitantes se encuentran en una posición privilegiada para disfrutar de todo lo que Brickell City Centre tiene para ofrecer.


Esta proximidad no solo añade comodidad a la estancia, sino que también permite a los huéspedes sumergirse completamente en la dinámica vida urbana de Miami, convirtiéndo cada día en una nueva aventura de descubrimiento y placer.


Optar por Smart Brickell Hotel significa más que simplemente elegir un lugar para dormir; es seleccionar un espacio donde el lujo y la comodidad se encuentran con la accesibilidad y el atractivo de Miami. 


Con instalaciones que prometen el máximo confort y un servicio que atiende cada necesidad, el hotel se posiciona como el complemento ideal para la experiencia de explorar Brickell City Centre. 


Planifica tu estancia en Smart Brickell Hotel y asegura el acceso directo a Brickell City Centre. Descubre el centro de Miami con estilo y comodidad. ¡Haz tu reserva ahora!

¿Que no te puedes perder en Florida_

¿Qué no te puedes perder en Florida?

Florida, a menudo celebrada por sus costas soleadas y parques temáticos, es un lugar con mucho más por explorar y conocer. Este estado, bañado por el sol durante todo el año, ofrece más que escapadas a la playa y aventuras en montañas rusas.


Veamos qué lugares y actividades no te puedes perder a la hora de conocer Florida en profundidad, un estado que no sólo es sinónimo de vacaciones, sino de experiencias únicas.


Centro Espacial Kennedy: de Florida al espacio

El Centro Espacial Kennedy es un monumento viviente a la aventura del hombre en el espacio.  Este complejo, ubicado en la Costa Espacial de Florida, ofrece a los visitantes la oportunidad única de acercarse al legado y al futuro de los viajes espaciales, siendo un punto de visita indispensable para aquellos fascinados por el cosmos.


Dentro del Centro Espacial, los visitantes se encuentran con una variedad de experiencias: visitas guiadas a las históricas plataformas de lanzamiento, simuladores de vuelo espacial y la posibilidad de conocer a astronautas, brindando la oportunidad de escuchar de primera mano las experiencias de aquellos que han viajado más allá de nuestro planeta.


Parque Nacional Everglades


Los Everglades de Florida son un ecosistema único en el mundo: un humedal que se extiende a lo largo del estado, ofreciendo un espectáculo natural con una biodiversidad asombrosa. 


Este Río de Hierba es el hogar de una impresionante variedad de flora y fauna, incluyendo especies emblemáticas como el caimán americano, la pantera de Florida y una multitud de aves exóticas. 


Para aquellos que desean conocer la magia de los Everglades, las opciones de exploración son muy variadas, desde realizar senderismo para observar la vida silvestre hasta tener un paseo en hidrodeslizador para tener una visión emocionante y rápida de la extensión acuática.


Key West


Key West, ubicado en el extremo de la cadena de las Islas de Florida, es famoso no solo por sus aguas cristalinas y su clima cálido durante todo el año, sino también por la variedad de actividades culturales que rodean este lugar.

En Key West podrás encontrar la casa de Ernest Hemingway, uno de sus residentes más célebres. Convertida en museo, este lugar permite a los visitantes explorar el mundo del escritor.


Además, podrás ver el atardecer desde Mallory Square, una plaza con artistas callejeros, oferta gastronómica y uno de los mejores lugares para ver el atardecer en Florida.


Saint Augustine


Saint Augustine es el asentamiento europeo más antiguo de Estados Unidos y una ciudad histórica de Florida que ofrece a los visitantes una ventana única al pasado. 


Con sus calles adoquinadas, arquitectura colonial y monumentos históricos, St. Augustine invita a explorar la historia americana de una manera íntima y tangible.


El Castillo de San Marcos es una parada obligatoria para cualquier visitante, siendo la fortificación más antigua de la nación y un símbolo de la resistencia y la estrategia militar a lo largo de los siglos. 


Fort Lauderdale


Conocida como la Venecia de América por su extenso sistema de canales, Fort Lauderdale es una ciudad que combina el encanto de una comunidad costera con el lujo y la sofisticación de un destino turístico de primer nivel


Situada en la costa este de Florida, esta ciudad es un centro de navegación y yates de lujo. Los visitantes pueden disfrutar de un paseo en barco por los canales, admirando las mansiones que dan al agua.


Además, en esta ciudad podemos encontrar el distrito de artes, Las Olas Boulevard, donde el visitante podrá disfrutar de galerías de arte, tiendas boutique y restaurantes gourmet.


Por último, Fort Lauderdale ofrece numerosos parques y reservas naturales. El Parque Estatal Hugh Taylor Birch, por ejemplo, ofrece senderos para caminatas, áreas para picnics y acceso a playas tranquilas.


Smart Brickell Hotel, tu hogar en Florida


Smart Brickell Hotel es el punto de partida ideal para tu aventura en Florida. Ubicado en el  distrito de Brickell, sector financiero de Miami, este hotel no solo brinda acceso a la vida urbana de una de las ciudades más emblemáticas de Florida, sino que también ofrece una base cómoda y elegante desde donde aventurarse a explorar los tesoros del estado. 


Con su diseño moderno, habitaciones equipadas con todas las comodidades contemporáneas y una atención al detalle que garantiza una estancia excepcional, Smart Brickell Hotel es más que un lugar para descansar; es una experiencia en sí misma.


Haz de tu viaje a Florida una experiencia inolvidable reservando tu estancia en el Smart Brickell Hotel hoy mismo. 

Miami, beyond the beach: Get to know the Brickell district

Miami, beyond the beach: Get to know the Brickell district

Miami, with its reputation as a beach destination par excellence, is home to the Brickell district, an area that stands out for its dynamism and offers a different perspective of the city

This neighborhood, which was established as the financial center of Miami, has become a point of interest in terms of culture, gastronomy and entertainment, presenting an attractive alternative to the usual stay on the beach.

Brickell: From Financial Center to Cultural Heart of Miami

Brickell’s evolution over the years is a fascinating story of growth and transformation.

Originally known as the financial center of Miami, this district has flourished beyond its economic identity to become a hub of urban life, culture and entertainment

Brickell’s metamorphosis reflects the dynamism and diversity of Miami, demonstrating how an area predominantly dedicated to business can reinvent itself as a cultural and social destination.

In recent decades, Brickell has experienced unprecedented development, with the construction of residential and commercial skyscrapers that have redefined its skyline.

This real estate boom has been accompanied by a growing offering of services and amenities, including fine dining restaurants, art galleries, green spaces and entertainment centers that attract locals and visitors alike.

The integration of these elements has transformed Brickell into a place where work and leisure coexist harmoniously, offering an enviable quality of life.

Today, Brickell is established as an epicenter of innovation and lifestyle in Miami.

Its easy access to other iconic areas of the city, such as the Design District and Wynwood, strengthens its position as a connected and central district.

Additionally, the presence of cultural events, festivals, and open-air markets enriches community life, making Brickell a dynamic space where culture flourishes around every corner.

Art and Culture: The Soul of Brickell

The Brickell district has become a living canvas for art and culture, offering residents and visitors a variety of spirit-enriching experiences.

Proximity to renowned cultural institutions, such as the Adrienne Arsht Performing Arts Center and the Pérez Art Museum of Miami (PAMM), makes Brickell a district enriched by contemporary art and cultural expressions.

Additionally, regular events, exhibitions and art festivals transform the streets into a celebration of creativity and innovation.

Emblematic Tourist Points

Brickell’s strategic location allows easy access to some of Miami’s most iconic locations.

From the bustling Bayside Marketplace, ideal for shopping and entertainment, to the historic and colorful Wynwood neighborhood, known for its impressive street art murals, Brickell serves as a perfect starting point to explore the diversity of Miami.

This proximity to key tourist attractions ensures that visitors can experience the cultural and recreational aspects of the city.

A Diverse and Exquisite Gastronomic Scene

The gastronomic offer in Brickell reflects the diversity and multicultural spirit of Miami.

With an impressive selection of restaurants ranging from internationally renowned chef establishments to cozy local cafes, the district is a foodie’s paradise.

The fusion of cuisines from around the world, from Latin to Asian to Mediterranean, offers visitors a culinary adventure with every meal.

Nightlife: The Heart of Fun in Miami

Nightlife in Brickell is as exciting and sophisticated as the district itself.

With a wide variety of rooftop bars, cutting-edge nightclubs and elegant lounges, Brickell provides the perfect setting to enjoy the Miami nightlife.

The constant programming of events, concerts and live shows ensures quality entertainment and memorable experiences for all tastes.

Smart Brickell Hotel: Your Home in the Heart of Miami

At the epicenter of this fascinating district is the Smart Brickell Hotel, offering a luxurious and comfortable accommodation experience.

With its modern design, rooms equipped with the latest technologies and an unbeatable location, the Smart Brickell Hotel is the ideal place for business and leisure travelers.

Proximity to major attractions in Brickell and Miami makes this hotel the perfect choice for those who want the full city experience.

Brickell is emerging as an alternative to the traditional Miami beach vacation, offering a unique blend of culture, cuisine and entertainment.

Staying at the Smart Brickell Hotel is the best way to enjoy everything this dynamic district has to offer, ensuring an unforgettable stay.

Reserve your room today and get ready to explore a different Miami, beyond the beach.

What cruises depart from Port Miami?

What cruises depart from Port Miami?

Port Miami, known worldwide as the Cruise Capital of the World, is not only a starting point for sea voyages; It is the threshold to unforgettable experiences that cross seas and oceans.

This port, with its impressive infrastructure and strategic location in the city of Miami, has been the pillar of the cruise industry, attracting travelers from all corners of the planet in search of unparalleled adventures.

The Greatness of Port Miami

Port Miami has become a giant in the maritime industry thanks to its ability to host the largest and most luxurious cruise fleet in the world.

With modern terminals and first-class services, the port has set new standards for luxury and comfort in maritime travel.

Its evolution, marked by constant expansion and the adoption of advanced technologies, has consolidated Miami not only as a top-level tourist destination, but as the starting point for some of the most spectacular voyages that can be experienced on the high seas.

Iconic Cruises Departing from Port Miami

Let’s review the best cruises that Florida has for tourists:

Royal Caribbean International

This company has established itself as a leader in the cruise industry, offering trips that go beyond the conventional.

The Allure of the Seas  is the flagship cruise of this company, a clear example of its innovation and commitment to excellence.

This giant of the seas is a marvel of modern engineering, designed to surprise its passengers from the moment they step on board.

With a length of 362 meters and capacity for more than 6,000 passengers, this ship is a true floating city, offering a diversity of areas and activities that satisfy all tastes and ages.

The Royal cruise ship has a water park, theater, ice skating rink and even surf simulators.

In addition, its gastronomic offer stands out, with more than 20 options between restaurants and cafes.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line has won the hearts of millions of travelers around the world, offering cruises that stand out for their festive atmosphere and fun-filled activities.

The Carnival Breeze, one of the most beloved ships in the fleet, perfectly encapsulates the joyful and carefree spirit that characterizes Carnival. This cruise was designed with the enjoyment and comfort of its passengers in mind.

This specific cruise has a water park, mini golf, family shows, musical performances and a wide variety of cuisine for all tastes and ages.

Norwegian Cruise Line

This company revolutionized the cruise experience with its concept of Freestyle Cruising, a philosophy that emphasizes flexibility and customization, allowing passengers to design their perfect vacation without fixed schedules or restrictions.

The Norwegian Escape, flagship of the fleet, combines sophisticated design with an unprecedented offering of activities, gastronomy and entertainment.

With capacity for more than 4,200 passengers, this colossus of the seas is designed to satisfy any desire or need, creating an environment where freedom and choice are paramount.

The cruise has more than 25 dining options, themed bars and a lineup of Broadway shows, among other services.

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises distinguishes itself in the world of maritime travel by ship, the MSC Divina. This cruise, inspired by Sophia Loren, is a tribute to glamor and sophistication.

The ship’s interiors are designed with meticulous attention to detail, from the Swarovski crystal stairs to the impressive stone plaza reminiscent of iconic Italian squares.

In addition, it has a Balinese spa, world-class cuisine and entertainment.

Virgin Travel

This company has burst into the cruise market with a bold and revolutionary proposal.

With the launch of Scarlet Lady, this cruise line redefines the maritime experience, offering an exclusive trip for adults that combines luxury, wellness and sustainability.

This innovative approach promises an offshore adventure unlike any other, designed specifically for the modern, conscious traveler.

Virgin Voyages places a particular emphasis on well-being and sustainability, its cruise features a wide range of activities and spaces dedicated to personal care, including a state-of-the-art spa, gyms equipped with cutting-edge technology, and a varied offering of fitness classes. fitness and yoga.

Smart Brickell Hotel: Your Haven Before and After the Cruise

Before setting sail or upon returning from your maritime adventure, Smart Brickell Hotel offers a perfect oasis in the heart of Miami.

Just minutes from Port Miami, this hotel is not only accessible, but provides a luxury lodging experience with its contemporary design, rooms equipped with the latest technology, and exceptional amenities such as its rooftop pool and top-notch dining options. .

Smart Brickell Hotel is more than a place to sleep; It is an experience that enriches your trip, providing a space of unparalleled comfort and relaxation.

Make your reservation and start your stay in Miami with maximum luxury and comfort.