Miami Circle, visit 2700 years of history in the heart of Brickell

Miami Circle, visit 2700 years of history in the heart of Brickell

In the Brickell district, surrounded by skyscrapers, lies an ancient link to Florida’s prehistoric past: the Miami Circle


This historic enclave serves as a palpable reminder that, long before glass and steel buildings defined the landscape, this area was a vital gathering point for indigenous peoples.


Nowadays this place is an attraction not only for historians and archaeologists, but also for tourists and local residents.


Discovery and history


Miami Circle was discovered by chance in 1998, when a team led by archaeologist Dr. Robert S. Carr was conducting salvage excavations before the construction of a new building in Brickell.


This discovery halted planned development and sparked a battle for the preservation of the site, which culminated in its designation as a historic landmark. The circle, perfectly formed and carved from limestone, became a question mark for experts.

It is believed that the Miami Circle may have been a central site in the ceremonial or community practices of the Tequesta, original inhabitants of this area.


The importance of Miami Circle transcends its local context, as it is the only known example of a prehistoric structure carved directly into the rock in this part of the continent, offering evidence of the construction and culture of the indigenous peoples of pre-Columbian Florida.


Miami Circle, today


Today, Miami Circle has been transformed into an open public park to all visitors.


The park is equipped with interpretive signage that offers detailed information about Miami Circle, explaining its history and significance.


Furthermore, this park has also become a center for cultural events and activities that seek to educate the public about the history and importance of the site.


These activities include educational workshops, presentations by archeology experts, and special events that coincide with important dates for the Tequesta.


The visitor experience


Visit Miami Circle is an educational and enriching experience, ideal for both history lovers and those looking for a quiet space in the middle of the city.


Access to the park is easy, with nearby parking options and routes accessible to all visitors. As you walk through the park, you will find information panels that tell the history of the place and explain its archaeological and cultural significance, giving context to the visual experience.


The park also takes advantage of technology to improve the visit; through virtual tours available on mobile devices, visitors can gain a more detailed understanding of the history and importance of the site as they explore it.


The atmosphere of Miami Circle Park offers a respite within the city. Located on the banks of the Miami River and surrounded by the Brickell skyscrapers, the park offers a beautiful green space that contrasts and complements its urban environment.


Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks, observe local nature, and reflect on the connection between the prehistoric past and the modern present, making this visit a memorable and meaningful experience in Miami.


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