Miami International Cuisine: What Flavors Await You?

Miami International Cuisine: What Flavors Await You?

Miami international cuisine reflects the melting pot of cultures that breathes life into this city.

With a history marked by immigration and a blend of communities, Miami has flourished into a gastronomic destination that fuses culinary traditions from Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. From Cuban influences to the notable presence of Peruvian gastronomy, Miami’s culinary scene stands out for its diversity.

The city has established itself as one of the largest in terms of culinary offerings, with restaurants that capture the essence of flavors from their places of origin. It’s in this cultural mix where visitors find a unique gastronomic experience, with dishes that transport diners to different corners of the world without leaving the city.

Miami positions itself as a hub of international cuisine, offering a feast of exotic flavors that invite you on an unforgettable culinary journey.


La Mar, Peruvian Flavors

La Mar, located at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami, is a high-end Peruvian restaurant that transports diners directly to the heart of Peru.

Led by the talented chef Diego Oka, the restaurant offers a diverse menu that reflects Peruvian culinary traditions with a contemporary twist. Ceviches and tiraditos are presented adorned with foams and edible flowers, showcasing Oka’s creativity and skill in bringing fresh ingredients to life with impeccable techniques.

Visitors can also enjoy panoramic views of Brickell and Downtown Miami while sipping a traditional cocktail like a pisco sour.


Cote Miami, from Korea to Florida

In the Design District, Cote Miami redefines Miami international cuisine with a unique Korean barbecue experience.

This Michelin-starred restaurant combines the traditional Korean grill style with the sophistication of a contemporary steakhouse. Each table is equipped with a smokeless charcoal grill, where diners can savor dry-aged cuts prepared precisely by the staff.

In addition to its impressive menu, Cote Miami boasts an elegant and welcoming atmosphere, offering an experience that balances tradition with modernity in Miami’s Design District.


French Cuisine at La Petite Maison

La Petite Maison, located in Brickell, captures the essence of the French Riviera with an international culinary proposal that highlights the freshness of Mediterranean ingredients.

This restaurant combines Provençal inspiration with contemporary elegance, offering a menu that features escargot, whole baked fish «en papillote,» and other delights from southern France.

Its refined ambiance incorporates carefully crafted artistic design, surrounded by an environment that offers charming city views.

This restaurant is the perfect setting to enjoy Miami international cuisine.


Mandolin Aegean Bistro for Greek Food Lovers

Mandolin Aegean Bistro offers authentic Greek food in Buena Vista. The charming bistro captures the spirit of the Cyclades islands with its distinctive white and blue decor, transporting diners to Mediterranean landscapes.

The menu faithfully reflects the freshness and simplicity of Greek cuisine. The dishes include traditional mezzes like tzatziki and melitzanosalata, as well as grilled fish prepared with fresh herbs and olive oil.

The homemade sangria adds a refreshing touch to the experience, completing the relaxed and cozy ambiance that defines this restaurant.


After savoring Miami international cuisine, finding the perfect lodging is essential to complement this culinary experience.

At the Smart Brickell Hotel, strategically located in the heart of the city, guests can relax in a setting that combines modern sophistication with impeccable service.

Book your stay at the Smart Brickell Hotel to complete your culinary journey through Miami with a memorable experience, discovering how this urban retreat can be the perfect complement to your adventures in the city.

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