Visit the best places in Brickell

Visit the best places in Brickell

Make a tour of the best places in Brickell, which guarantee their visitors memorable experiences and unparalleled views.


Brickell It is the starting point for thousands of tourists in search of a safe district, with a varied offer in the hotel sector, and a prime location when it comes to exploring and visiting the iconic places in Miami.


Beyond its connectivity with tourist spots outside the district, Brickell has several interesting places for those who prefer proximity.


Brickell Viewpoint, a panoramic view that makes you fall in love


The Brickell Viewpoint offers one of the most spectacular views of the city. This tourist hotspot is a must-see destination for any visitor looking to capture the essence of Miami from an elevated perspective.


The viewpoint allows visitors to enjoy an unparalleled urban panorama, where the contrast between modern skyscrapers and the intense blue of Biscayne Bay creates an impressive visual spectacle.


In addition to being a perfect place for photography, the Brickell Viewpoint is an ideal space to watch the sunset, when the skies of Miami are tinted with shades of gold and pink.


Visitors can also take advantage of the Mirador’s proximity to numerous cafes and restaurants, where they can sample local cuisine while continuing to enjoy the views.


Brickell Key Park, tranquility in the city center


Brickell Key Park is one of the best places in Brickell for those looking for a haven of peace in the middle of the financial district.


Located on the small island of Brickell Key, this park offers a perfect escape for those looking for a moment of tranquility and natural beauty, just steps from high-rise office buildings and luxurious residences.


With well-maintained trails and lush green areas, it is the ideal place for a morning walk, an evening picnic, or just to sit and watch the water surrounding the island.


The view from Brickell Key Park The Miami skyline is truly spectacular, providing a stunning contrast between nature and modern architecture.


Visitors can enjoy benches along the path that invite you to stop and relax while watching the boats passing through Biscayne Bay.


Furthermore, the park is a popular place among runners and cyclists, thanks to its routes that offer an active experience in a quiet and safe environment.


Miami Circle, a trip back in time


The Miami Circle is one of the best places in Brickell for those looking for an activity that takes them back to ancient times.


Located along the mouth of the Miami River, this place is an archaeological site of great importance that offers a window to the prehistoric past of the region


This perfect circle of carved limestone, discovered in the middle of the development, is a silent testament to the indigenous cultures that once inhabited this area.


Through its exhibits and educational tours, visitors can explore the history and meaning of this enigmatic monument.


The Miami Circle is believed to have been used as a ceremonial structure or meeting place by the Tequesta, one of Florida’s first native tribes.


In addition to its historical value, Miami Circle is a point of interest for academics and the curious alike, offering a cultural and educational counterpoint to the most modern and commercial activities in the surroundings.


Its preservation as a historic park allows all visitors, both local and international, to appreciate and reflect on the importance of keeping the stories of the past alive in the midst of urban evolution.


Simpson Park: a green space between skyscrapers


Simpson Park offers visitors a green haven in Brickell, standing out as an ideal space for relaxation and contact with nature.


Enriched with a variety of native flora and winding paths, this park is a favorite spot for those who want to escape the fast pace of urban life without leaving the city center.


Its green areas are meticulously maintained, providing a perfect environment for family picnics, outdoor reading or simply enjoying a moment of peace.

Additionally, Simpson Park acts as a sanctuary for birds and small animals in urban areas, making it a point of interest for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.


Smart Brickell Hotel, your gateway to the best places in Brickell


After exploring the best places in Brickell, Smart Brickell Hotel It is the perfect choice for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the district.


The hotel provides privileged access to all major attractions, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable stay. Not only will you be in the center of it all, but you’ll experience Brickell with the style and sophistication that only this hotel can offer.


Reserve at Smart Brickell Hotel means more than finding a place to sleep; it is choosing a temporary home from where you can experience the best of Miami with ease and style.


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