Visit The Social Hub Miami, the Selfie Museum in Brickell

Visit The Social Hub Miami, the Selfie Museum in Brickell

If you’re a social media enthusiast, the Selfie Museum in Miami, known as The Social Hub, is a must-visit destination. 

Located in the modern Brickell City Centre, this museum is an interactive, multimedia destination where you can elevate your feed by capturing creative photos. 

The Social Hub offers multiple themed stations and photo opportunities, providing an ideal platform for influencers, professional photographers, and enthusiasts to create unique content.

Whether you want to pose in a retro cigar lounge, in front of a flower wall, or on a nightclub dance floor, each station is carefully designed with curated props and professional lighting so your photos have that special flair that everyone seeks.


Location and Hours

The Social Hub is situated on the third floor of Brickell City Centre, specifically in Block C, making it central and accessible.

The museum operates Monday to Saturday, opening its doors from 12:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. On Sundays, hours are reduced to 5:30 p.m.

Each ticket allows visitors to explore freely for one hour, providing ample time to capture photos at each themed station.

If arriving by car, parking is available at the Brickell City Centre garage, located at the corner of South Miami Avenue and Southeast 6th Street, allowing guests to use the elevator or escalator to reach the museum.


What Makes The Social Hub Unique?

The Social Hub is a dynamic experience designed to capture the spirit of digital content. With 3,500 square feet of creative space, it features over 20 themed stations ranging from a cigar lounge to a flower wall, a nightclub, and colorful sets, all equipped with LED lights to ensure optimal quality in every shot.

Each themed station includes a light ring and phone stand, giving visitors the freedom to adjust their phones and capture perfect selfies.

Carefully curated accessories like champagne bottles, cash cannons, chess pieces, and vintage telephones enrich the shots, immersing visitors in each station’s theme.

To inspire creativity, The Social Hub offers three department store-style dressing rooms so visitors can change outfits between sessions and vary their styles.

This museum is a must-see for photographers, influencers, and anyone looking to take their social media to the next level with eye-catching and distinctive content.


Highlight Stations

Within The Social Hub, these are some of the standout themed stations:

  • Cigar Lounge: This retro-inspired lounge transports visitors to a vintage setting with classic furniture and an ambiance that recalls old-fashioned gentlemen’s clubs. This station includes accessories like cigar boxes and comfortable sofas that evoke a past era.
  • Nightclub: This station simulates a nightclub dance floor, with a lively atmosphere and bright lights that let visitors capture energetic and fun moments.
  • Flower Wall: A striking flower wall that serves as a dreamy background for selfies. With detailed petals, this station has a romantic aesthetic suitable for any photographic style.
  • Neon Signs: This station features neon signs for those looking to pose in front of these vivid lights, capturing photographs with bright messages from the signs.
  • Cash Cannons: With cannons that shoot fake money, this station adds a playful touch to the photos. Visitors can interact with the cannons, allowing them to create creative images.


Ticket Prices

Admission to The Social Hub varies by age. For adults (13 years and older), the cost is $29 on weekdays and $34 on weekends.

Children aged 4 to 12 can enter for $22, while those under 3 years old have free admission.

Tickets should be purchased online in advance, allowing visitors to secure their spot at a specific time and enjoy a seamless experience during their visit.


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